we invest in exceptional entrepreneurs, leading game changing companies looking to scale, and we support them the whole nine yards

What makes us different

as the next generation of great entrepreneurs enter the scale-up arena, a next generation investor is required to support them


Investor that focuses on what really creates value for the company. As such, we are flexible when it comes to e.g. funding, holding period and investment structure

founder friendly

Realizing that a winning partnership doesn’t start with enforcing a unnecessarily tough SHA and unwanted help


Investment approach that is surgical rather than “spray and pray”, enabling us to spend more time with each team


We only invest in companies if we, together with the founders, can identify areas where we add strategic value for the company, besides money. This support is available, but never imposed


we have a clear investment strategy and thematic approach guiding our investment process and decisions. It’s quite detailed, but in a nutshell, it can be summarized like this…

  • We are a scale-up and growth equity investor. We invest from Series A and beyond between EUR 2-15 million at the initial investment stage, with follow on investments to come
  • Companies we invest in tend to be “more mature tech companies” looking to scale. Typically, this implies having a EUR 5+ million revenue or ARR, growing well over 100% per year and the underlying business being profitable
  • The companies operate in highly attractive markets and have a strong position in those markets. With a proven business model which is both scalable and resilient, the growth journey is clear, although there are plenty of additional growth opportunities available as well. The team has the right tenacity, track record and both strategic and executional capabilities to successfully navigate the journey ahead
  • It’s our strong belief that companies with a net positive impact on ESG will not only contribute to a better world, but they will also generate superior financial returns. This is why we always want to invest in companies that have a net positive impact on ESG

“the things that got you here, are not the things that will get you there”

We recognize and respect your skills, tenacity and awesomeness that have taken you from being an “interesting start-up” to becoming a “promising scale-up”

The next phase, however, will require an additional set of capabilities and network, being equally challenging if not more! 

With a proven track record of supporting companies on their growth journey, we possess the required capabilities and network and are happy to jump in when you say go

Stefan Nordahl

Founder and CEO



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OUR Team

Stefan Nordahl
Eric Sävendahl
Peter de Jounge
Eric Cederström